Criminal Law

District Court
A criminal charge could change your life forever. Don’t take any chances when taking your criminal case to court; make sure you have the best defense possible from Rowden Law Office. J. Wesley Rowden, a former criminal prosecutor who has spent more than two decades trying criminal cases, has the knowledge and expertise you need to defend your criminal case in court.

For those who don’t have skilled criminal defense on their side in court, the consequences could be severe. Fortunately, Mr. Rowden will present the best possible case for you in court. Mr. Rowden can inform you of your rights so you can exercise and defend them. Call on the experienced team at Rowden Law Office to do what’s right for you in a criminal defense case.

DUI Defense

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Drivers need to do everything they can to avoid driving while impaired, but sometimes people do risk driving after a night out, and sometimes, they suffer the consequences. If you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI, call Rowden Law Office to protect your rights and prevent a DUI conviction from ruining your life.

Rowden Law Office will defend your DUI case in the best way possible. This can mean resolving the charges out of court or fighting for your rights in court. We can determine the best course of action for your case after your initial consultation. Call Rowden Law Office today to discuss your DUI defense.